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Monthly Archives: June 2012

He found the broom!

I’m trying to get my mind in gear for next years planning. I wanted to sort of checklist or outline to work from, so I separated things into categories:


  • Outside BBs
  • Library
  • Teacher desk
  • Desk config
  • Material storage
  • Instructional spaces


  • Pacing
  • Everyday Math/math
  • Guided reading/RW
  • WW
  • Science – subjects/kits
  • Geo/SS around-the-world


  • Scheduling daily
  • Teacher work schedule
  • Teacher routines
  • Class routines


  • Village
  • Field Trips
  • Patrol
  • Visitors
I was thrilled to get this down as a guide. I feel a little more grounded now, like I can tackle the categories and their sections without getting lost in a mess of ideas that don’t connect to one another over the summer. Sometimes my brain feels like a Pinterest explosion of confusion. 
I have only two real non-work goals for this summer – learn how to sew a simple dress for myself and have some fun doing whatever I feel like doing. 🙂
I am so focused on next school year that the last two weeks of this year aren’t all they could be, instructionally. There is so much! going on at school: we have two field trips, a couple of assemblies, field day and a really fun read-a-thon day planned. All of that going on in the last 10 school days means that some of the instructional (even funstructional) things I wanted to do will have to be sacrificed. I am attempting to talk myself into that fact that THIS IS OK but I definitely have emotional alarms going off. Because I wanted to! I think I even mentioned that we would! 
Sometimes I feel like two people trying to talk each other down.
The biggest/worst/saddest thing going on in my school life right now is that the close friend that also teaches in my school got a position in a different building. There are some silver linings (she’ll be teaching third grade like me! our classes can be pen-pals! we can plan our years together!) but mostly I am just sad that I won’t see someone every day that I can be the truest, realest ME with. I have literally cried in her room multiple times this year and feel so lucky that I had someone to go to in those moments.

Can I call a cab from here?

We have a new principal next year. I’ve been working at elementary schools for 5 years, 3 schools and now 6 principals – 7 if you count the new one. 

She seems great actually, even though I really love the principal who is retiring (I wish I could have worked for/with her for longer). But I do feel pressure. I am so obsessed with making a good impression and having her thing I know what I’m doing – I suppose I feel this weight because I feel so insecure about how I’m doing. I am tired of getting comfortable in relationships and then having changes happen just when I’m settling into them.

Which is all, of course, completely inevitable. And I know that in real life in a great/major way but still struggle at work. I need to chill out. I just really want to do a good job and really wonder whether my successes and failures show the truth of what I see when they’re glanced at.

I’m not even sure what I’m trying to say.