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First field trip of the year went well. I am tired and hungry and not in the mood to think about what we’re doing tomorrow, but those are probably all good signs. 

I had a group of parents come and it was so nice and they were so nice. I think I’m going to send them all a note saying thank you. I definitely did that last year at certain times, but I’d like to make it more of a habit. It is really nice when parents help out – and feels like divine intervention when they do things like bring coffee. I am always hesitant about what to do because I feel like there is some sort of code of conduct that I don’t know. I think i am just deciding now to do whatever feels the best/most right. 

Random issue of the day: white drawing paper. I have white drawing paper in my class, usually set out for kids to use at certain times. Sometimes it is for lessons, other times it is to sketch while I read or to have handy for small projects. 

I like the idea of having this paper available. Last year the kids would sketch while I read every day (now less often) and it was a nice, quiet time when everyone was happy and “working” independently. There did end up being a point last year when the paper was being over used – taken in large chunks, maybe taken home. I’m not against those things in nature, but I’m against the habit of taking something without predetermined reason, especially when it is intended for the community. 

This year, I am already seeing that. We just finished our first ream. That is 500 sheets! And yes, some of it I used to print and some of it we used for lessons, but it seems like 3.5 weeks per 500 sheets just isn’t going to work. 

I have some choices and what I will likely end up doing is just having to pass it out when it is a time to draw to make sure it student gets just one, etc. That seems like more work for me. I could also really deliberately teach about taking just one, but I’m not sure how I could make it as clear as I want it to be. 

I could also just say f—- it. I have paper. I haven’t had much of kids drawing when they aren’t supposed to or anything. And if I do, that seems like a separate issue from using too much paper. 

I don’t know. I’m going to head home. I saw a kid with what must be a broken arm today and it looked BAD and I can’t shake the image.


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