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This blog reads like such a downer. 

And it’s true – I’ve been having a tough time of it lately. Real life stuff as well as school stuff is really stressing me out and making me feel crazy but it isn’t all terrible! When I am feeling overwhelmed by my job, one of my responses is to sit down and process those feelings by blogging here which is why there is a heavy weight on OMGWTFHELP posts. 

Things are hard, definitely, but some things are really great. I’ve really set up the Daily 5 and have time for nice 25 minute chunks for guided reading groups. There have been a couple of days after I met with a small group where I was AMAZED and felt like I’d ACTUALLY TAUGHT THEM SOMETHING. What a high! I know I am teaching my class all the time, but the tangibility of working in those small groups is amazing. (See me here ignoring even mentioning that my most behaviorally difficult kids aren’t really able to self manage during this time and I feel very OMGWTFHELP about it). 

I’ve been cutting a lot of extra things out of my life to save on money – the YMCA where I would swim, cable TV, expensive coffees – and I know it sounds ridiculous but it is really adding to my stress level. This school year my whole family (me + spouse + child) was added to my health insurance and it is really hard to make ends meet with that extra chunk out (not to mention we could only afford a really high deductible plan so I’m still paranoid of someone getting sick since we’d pay the first $3k out of pocket – er, and we don’t have $3k).  

WHICH I MENTION NOT TO ADD TO THE WHINING – just to say that my coping skills would be strengthened by quad mochas and 30 laps every morning. 


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