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A list of only good things!

1. It is SUNNY out. Windy and cool, but there sun is shining (I am obviously not on the East Coast).

2. I started documenting my super special needs students who I believe has the wrong classification and needs more support. Doing this made me feel a little less helpless, like at least it is a small step in meeting his needs.

3. I am tweaking our class schedule because our lunch time changed and the kids really rolled with the punches today for the most part. 

4. I added snack time because our lunch got pushed to later in the day and I was all, “But what do you do during snack time?!” and they seemed to really be okay just chatting and eating. I might build a sharing time into that little period. 

5. It is a short (I am taking Friday for appointments) holiday (Halloween) week! 

6. Did I mention the sun is shining?


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