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I had a four day week with two bad days and two good days and this different was all me and my attitude. 

Tuesday was a straight up hard day with my students, but I started both Tuesday and Wednesday already worked up and stressed before the kids even arrived. Just because I was thinking of all the things that could go wrong and all the mistakes I had made in the past and all the mistakes I might make that day. 

And when I realized I was focusing on the behaviors I DON’T want, I tried to change my mind set. It made a really big difference. Don’t get me wrong – classroom management I’m still trying to improve in a major way – but my class is so much more likely to listen to me and want to be a part of what I am a part of when I’m approaching them from a place of calm and positivity instead of a place of stress and fear. Fear makes me so ugly. I mean, it makes everyone ugly, but it really is the emotion that will just wreck me. And I’ve been so ruled by it lately. 

I just hope I can remember this and keep applying it. 


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